The Love From UK

H E L L O . S U N D A YYea, Chinese New Year is around the corner. How excited Im. So this the first time celebrating with my aunt who came back from England. Thanks god! Brothers and I looking forward to see her every time she back from England. Because she usually gets us some presents from UK. LolzSo this time, I got my favourite DIOR perfume from aunt. It's a whole set of DIOR perfume including accessories and key chain. LOVE! Thankssssssss

Okay, so far Im not perfume collector because I seldom use perfume. But it's really made me day. Peace out! However, i got a bag from Paris too :)))

Nokia Lumia 800 for my brother. Another new phone for him. Hope he takes care it well.

Window smart phone is hot recently?! My bestie is using window phone also. Well, it's like a small computer. Anyway, for more information check it out from nokia_lumia.

Thanks for the presents it make me feel like want to go England as soon as possible. Lolz, but I have to hold on this plan for a while due to some personal problem. Arhhhh

The love from UK!


  1. Dior perfume? i wonder how it smells like! =D

  2. This fragrance smells great! It's hard to describe, but it's fresh and sweet. In love with this.


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