Taiwan Trip . Day one

Went to Taiwan last few month with my Bestie Minnie. Actually, We bought the package since from last year and finally settle down the date after planned for a years. Lolz

Well, it's gonna be a photo blog post i think. 
Day one - I still can't believe that i'm going to Taiwan with her in a short while since i not really excited with that before she came back from Australia. Haha, of course. Im not the one who settle all the arrangement and document stuff. Im the one who search for souvenir and pack my luggage and gooooo. Opps, i think she gonna kill me after she saw this post.

Finally touched down in Taiwan after a long flight. Sleepppyyy face while waiting for the bus to Taipei.

 Went to ShiLin Night Market (士林夜市) with our so called tour agent. It's Time for dinner!!

Seriously it's really a nice place to visit. So many food there. Wonder how those Taiwan people keep fit even they always have their supper in mid-night.

Famous foods in town:

1. Grilled Squid is love!

2. Must try! Famous hot dog with garlic.

3. Must try! Squid soup in a shop which named 忠诚号.

4. Taiwan's smelly Toufu (臭豆腐). That smell is must better then the Hong Kong one.

5. My favourite! Ice-cream rolled with peanut.This ice cream is definitely a highlight of my list!!

6. Another must try food in Taiwan. Taiwan signature fried chicken cutlet.

7. Thanks for our agent who bring us around and search for those famous food in the night market. This is one of the famous spareribs soup in town and it's slight different with our "bah gu teh". Even you can eat the bone actually. Sound cool right?!

Too full! And can't continue anymore. Arhhhhh

Well, the queues of the stalls are so long and very worth it! Soak in the bustling atmosphere while you are queuing out! This is the must visit place in Taiwan!
Have a great night over there. Stay tuned for the 2nd day.




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