Singapore Trip @ River Safari

Deleted my Singapore trip post accidentally. So i have to rewrite again. Well, no idea how many time i been to Singapore last year due to working purpose and of course gave myself a short trip also.

On the way to Singapore after been to Taiwan.

Chilling with brother after settle down. Really enjoy the night!

The next morning. I knew it's fast. Cause i was busy on the first day. So let move to the next morning. Here we go to River Safari by bus. Hmmm, there is no MRT straight to River Safari. 

Can't wait to see my little Panda. Look at their design. Love it so much! *Miss my gradient nail art! 

Let's the pictures do the walking. 

Small little pretty duckky. 

There alot of section which named by different river. Murray River is part of it. Look Sexy?Cute icon i found over there. That's their actually look.Like their skin colour so much. It's fluffy. Menu for little panda. So healthy right!Quite hard to take a nice photo for them. Because they keep walking here and there. LOVE!!!Nom nom nom. Eating their bamboo in the air-con room.Another famous animal in the Zoo. This just remind me the horror movie Piranha?! Dont you think so?

Fatty boy in the house. 
Here we come to Mama Panda Kitchen. This is the must when you pay a visit over there. It's a restaurant which inspirited by Panda. Alot of Panda pictures in the restaurant. Like a boss!

Dessert from our set lunch! delicious~
Here's our set lunch. Look cute right and of course it's yummy as well. 

                          Food served in bamboo plate. It's not expensive somehow it's delicious and really worth to pay a visit there. 

Have a pretty great day over there. Guess someone gonna kill me if he see this pictures!!! Hahaha

Some tips for visitors:
- Please don't visit during afternoon but of course it's depends on the weather.

- Please bring some water in case you feel thirsty.
Please take note It's take sometime from bus station to River Safari. 

Enjoy and stay tuned for the 2nd day in Singapore. There is more about Lantern Festival in Marina Bay Sand and of course some famous award architectures
 near by there.


Happy Weekend 



  1. Interesting, never know about this River Safari till now as I've been to Singapore like almost every year! Should check this out next time!

    1. Yea, a nice place to visit. Don't miss out their night safari as well. Heard my friends said it was nice too. But so bad, i don't have time for that.


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