Notebook design

Notebook design by CLOEY TENG

" 1st semaster[Final project]"
Tittle : POST SECRET [Post some secret to another me in the dimension which different frm us]
Style : classics and Fantastic
Idea : letter and jimmy illustration book
Medias and materials : colour pencil , pen , tissue , flower , chalk , cloth , A4 paper , stamp......

{ 1 and 2 page }

Daydream of the neverland
so far , so slow
i close my eyes,
and going down beep insides
my heart
wish all the blackness,
silently falling into the light
the way frm the darkness
to neverland

{ 3 and 4 page }

I wish i'm a hero
so that i can do many time in one time

{ 5 and 6 page }

I wish my grand father never passed away
my family stared fighting when he died

{ 7 and 8 page }

Hope my dream will
take me there
where the skies are
blue to see u
once again
my lovely dog " BB "

{ 9 and 10 page }

All the thing that
your heart need to know
here inside my heart
a lot of love
whether i'm right or wrong
you'll always be blessed


haha,finally i done my notebook design and i get full mark ^^
so happy and lucky
when i show tis art work to my fren,they ask me gv the notebook to them after the presentation
haha,bt i din do tat
coz i vry like tis notebook and i put many attention on it


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