2day is my 2nd time attend drawing class 2
and i was late tat i cnt finish my class assignment on time
Unconsciously,i falling in love with colour
bt actually,i hate colouring in water colour when i was in 1st sem because it's been a long time i din't use water colour to paint it
bt nw i love colouring~
it's relax and i can as a mood and change the colour when i colouring
it's a playful lesson...

Class assigment ~
last week [BLUE]

1st class assignment
luckily,my art work was show at the hall and lecturer say tat she ned our art work to show the junior ^^

2nd class assignment [PURPLE]

i hv no time 2 to do my last object
so tat i jst simply colour and it look messy den the other object~


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