Again !!

Again and again!
ned use ill to trace out my daragon for letterform design~
one hour only trace one??!!
omg,den that mean i ned spent 26 hour for my letterform design~
haizZ...ned print out on 2ml morning!
well,congratulate to me~
2night no ned sleep~
i hate computer so much~
expecially,use computer to do design
y don't we use hand drawing??!!
multimedia design?
mayb its hard for me


  1. Cloey, Take care of yourself lerh.Dont over worked yourself. you definitely need more rest to recover from your sickness. u fell sick d.till now didnt fully recover yet. Get some rest and will help you out with he letterforms. dont get so moody already. cheers alright. =D

    Take care.

  2. why ur name so long?
    haha...i will :P
    thanks alot for ur help
    hw can i ever repay you for all your help?

  3. Cloey , It's okay lerh dont have to repay me anything la.Help you ma , small matter only. Will still help you whenever you need help. 24/7 . work hard an jia you ya! you can fulfill ur wish to have good grades. Support you always. =D


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