Life Good with 3D

YO,3D Picture in the house.Credit by my friend Wayne.How cool is this!He did a campaign for 3D cinema.Of course,all the print ads are in 3D version.
Yes,I'm a movie lover.I enjoy the moment when i was in the story.I think you too.But of course,not horrible movie!And the Titanic which is in 3D version was a HOT recently. 3D make everything look so real like those thing are happened in front of you although its only a story/drama.

You can feel the car is going to hit you.
The artist you love is standing in front of you.
You can feel the air,water and so on.
It's so life good.

And here good news for you.
LG with 3D. Life good with 3D.
I think most of you know what's LG and 3D,right?
Yes, LG has come out with a Cinema 3D Smart TV instead on you paid the expensive movie ticket and sit in the cinema for few hour only?
It's time to welcome LG Cinema 3D Smart TV into yours life.Enjoy the moment again and again with your love in living rooms in anywhere in any moment. Over 1,200 Apps and New Magic Remote, LG’s Smart TV Significantly Upgrades User Experience and Convenience.
I love LG product as always because all of the product are pretty good in design and so on.Come on,check out why it's so special  LG Cinema 3D Tv.


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