Pokemon Cafe @ Bugis Junction

Pokemon Cafe is finally here in Singapore@Bugis Junction Level 4. Big hit cafe in town but it's just for a limited period until 31 July. And this is the first one ever in South East Asia after a successful stint in Shibuya.

We was there around 7AM in the morning and queued for 5 hours. This picture was taken one hours before cafe open. How crazy are they and yea im part of them. Wake up in the morning and accompany my friends for this. #psbestie #sleepy

We ordered one main course and one dessert for "brunch". And this is "Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce” S($25), which made up of saffron rice, and its ears, egg omelettes, both served with Primal Groudon’s (from the Omega Ruby game) magma sauce. Overall is just fine to me but the foods served cold. Perhaps you guys should visit the cafe during weekdays would be much more better.

Pikachu Swee Pancake S($20). A little bit sweet for me. Perhaps you may share it with your friends. And don't forget to get your free mug at the counter after payment if you ordered those foods or dessert which come with free mug.

Overall it's just fine to me. But it's good to have a try since it's just a temporary pop-up cafe in Singapore and they are closing on 31 July. And don't forget to visit their merchandise store. Most of the item are from Japan :)


For more information:
Pokemon Cafe @ Bugis Junction, 4th Floor
FB:  facebook.com/pokemoncafeinsg
Instagram: @pokemoncafeinsg


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