2510 @ starbucks

Baby girl Albee turns 21!

1st time celebrated friend birthday in Kuala Lumpur.We planned before one week but some of the plans failed due to the late criticism of assignment.All of us pretend to forget her birthday and leave the class early.But actually,some of them go and bought cake.After few hour,I went to meet them at starbucks,after received the call and message.She was surprised when she saw all of us was there.Hahaha,had a great lunch with them,we gotta do it someday!! :P

Look at us.We wearing the same color ring.

 Group photo. Cheer!

Starbucks drink and birthday cakes.
Friends told me can get 15% discount for the starbucks drink with Jusco card.
Is that real?Anyway,try next time:)


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