LG’s new Cinema 3D Smart TVs

Has been invited to the LG Cinema 3D TV Party held at GSC Signature,Gardens last two week.It's really awesome and how life good. Linger on without any thought of leaving the LG party,because all their LG 3D is really awesome.

One of the LG's new model 1 x 42” LM6700 Cinema 3D Smart TV 

It's so thin but smart enough! The most immersive 3d experience i have never experienced.It's worth RCP RM4,499. Come on,let's have a look why are they so attracted me.
1st Cinema screen design
Imagine that you watching you favorite movie with someone else in your house with the excellent 3D performance and uniformly bright picture.Paradise of earth!And save money XD
2nd Comfortable 3D glasses
Yes!LG 3D glasses is more fashion and comfortable compare to the other version.And it's battery free-3d glasses so you can get as many as you can.
3rd Dual Play
This's one of excited part!Two player playing different game in one full-screen without split the screen! I think my two twin brother will crazy about this if they knew this news.
4th Wifi (Local Premium Content)
Social center was so important now a days.Some of the 3D tvs don't have WiFi actually and all of the LG product did!I think this LG LM6700 is so good for my parents.Because we have separated in two different state.And Skype with my parents is one part of my daily life. How awesome,when they Skype with me thou tv.
5th Home Dashboard
LG product is always the most perfect design product in my mind since i know this brand for many years.Simple yet nice.And now it's come to more improved outcome,more simplicity and more room for customization.
6th Magic Remote
Simple control and simple control.Few button to point,gesture and wheel. How cool!
7th 3D Depth Control
Control the level of 3D effect as you want.Like a boss!

How smart and how life good right! And it's suitable for all range.Can i have one for my new house?! Hmm,and I think i will stick on the screen for whole days. Btw, they do have other benefit and features,for more information pls log in to http://www.lg.com/my/

Here's the pictures of LG Cinema 3D TV Party.
My aunt and the 10 reason of why LG cinema 3D tv so smart.

LG Cinema 3D TVs

Game zone <3

Aunt & me with the 3D glasses.

Enjoyed the party! What a good Wednesday night in KL.Thanks and love~
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