Early Christmas Celebration @ Kuala Lumpur

Decided to have our early Christmas celebration before I back to Penang. Random dating again. Actually we plan hang out together with classmate Sherply unfortunately she was absent again. Arhh

First, we went to the Petaling Street for the famous tau fu hua - Kim Soya Bean.

Mountain people mountain sea. Alot of customer there. Even the Malaysia Former Prime Mister also crazy for this. So guys don't miss this out! However, We try to buy the famous sweet potato ball from there too but sold out when we arrived there. Arhhh, we miss this out!

So we went to Times Square after this. Two of us is the prefect match, we can shop whole day. We buy clothes and other stuff until we have no much money left. Thanks god, luckily I didn't bring so much cash there. Haha

Anyway, great day ever after our final semester. We actually don't have much time to walk around in KL due to the assignment. This might be the last time we came here together since we graduated. Thanks for the early celebration! LOVE~


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