Movie Premiere " The collector "

Hang out with my dearest sister before I back to Penang. Such a random event we went through. Hmm, is a local movie premiere. Meet a lot of local artist and Singapore actor over there. Such a wonderful experience. : ) And ya, ManHan was there that night. They look rock!

All of us rush like hell. Frist, we need to rush to Subang meet Ng Tung before off to movie premiere. He is one of the actor in the movie. What a competent actor. Support him! Check out he FB.
So This our dinner.So little! I don't even have my lunch yet. We should buy pop corn before the movie start. Arhhhh

The actors for the movie " 收烂数 " which shoot by the director James Lee. This is James Lee's first action comedy with martial arts and hand to hand combat scenes all choreographed and performed by local stunt team STUNT MY and martial artists. Sunny Pang, a real life martial arts expert plays, SUNNY in the movie as a debt collector who suddenly decides to do a good deed after being warned of his misfortunes by a fortune teller. SUNNY ends up protecting a debtor's kid from rival gangs led by UNLCE TING.

Our group photo. Thanks for the night. And I would like to say this movie is the best local action movie I watched before. It's almost compare favourable with the Hong Kong action movie. And of course, quite one Malaysia style. Don't miss this out. Malaysia movie boleh.

Big clap for them! 


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