#5 Good time

Woah -oh-oh-oh
It's always a good time with those little things.

Bought our self a colourful cap. And it's look like Christmas tree due to the red and green colour. Anyway, I'm going to DIY something on it after i graduated. Stay tuned.#2Small little Japanese biscuit from bestie Sherply. It's Yummy. Thanks so much. Now i realise that we almost spend our Thursday night in Sunway Starbucks.#3Hair cut done finally. Thanks to Above Hair Cut :) It's make me look younger. Lolz  More infohttp://cloey05.blogspot.com/2012/10/new-hair-style-above-hair-salon.html#4Happy B' day to our pretty classmate Weili. Haven't blog about this. Stay tuned. #5
Had lunch with mom and brother before they back to Penang. Although it's only few hour. Hmmmm, There's almost one month that i didn't back to Penang. Homesick :"(

Thanks for those gift which make my day special. And of course, those people who are reading this post as well. You are the one who motivates me to start writing a blogCheers!!!Follow my twitter 


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