Cafe 55 Restaurant @ Georgetown

This happened one month ago but i didn't blog about this until I check my memory card just now. 
I meet them everytime i back to Penang and this time some of them decided to have a gathering dinner in a special place which I didn't been there before.

Café 55 & Restaurant @ Coffee Atelier, a brand name that had been established amongst the locals and expatriates for its delicious Mediterranean dishes and aromatic coffee brews. 55 My lucky number :)

Quite a number of photography and painting over there. I personally like the black and white photography.

Spanish Omelette with Mushroom & Thyme. Stuffed omelette with a slight Tabasco sauce flavor topped with some deep fried potatoes. Yummy!

Can't really remember the name. It's serve as a set dinner actually. 
Salmon Fish serve by set dinner also. My favourite! Those fancy decoration make me feel so hungry.
Omllete with the Barbecue Potato Chips. May I have this everyday for my breakfast. So Vivian are you going to cook for me?

Aromatic drinks! Fall in love :) Must Try!!

 He's exciting for the late dinner. Like he cutie hair s much.

Great to have this kind of French dinner with all bestie. Luckily, me and sister shared a set dinner. We can't finish it at all and asked the guys share with us some more. Such a good place to enjoy and chit-chat with friends. I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, place I wan t visit, all the books I want to read, and all the people I want to see. Home sick*

The restaurant open at 9am - 5.30pm. 
Open for dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (till 10.30pm) 

47-55 Lorong Stewart
10300 Penang


Contact Number 
(+604 261 2 261)


Great night and foods with them.


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