H&M Hour

Finally, I'm here with my buddy. H & M! Here we come. First, I have no idea why KL jam everyday. It took us almost one hour from Puchong to Pavilion. It's tiring but I'm not the one who driving.
Mountain people, mountain sea. I get shocked when I walk in to the shop. It's so 'hot' than what I expect! Somehow, it's too many people there so quite hard to shop.

There's 3 floors different section. These is AWESOME!! Heaven for ladies and mens. Those clothes are good in quality and even cheaper then other brand which is not good quality enough. H&M, It feel so great if you're here.
Shopping time. Vivian starting to fill her shopping bag.
Small little things over here. See, how many people waiting for paying money. So can you imagine beside this there is how many people waiting for the fitting room too.
Should i? I found nice clothes there but it's not my size. It's big! WHY?! But i decided to grab it rather then i regret for not buying. LOL
We spend more then one hour there. Yeah, Break record and of course spend a lot of money there especially vivian! She told me that's one of the reason why she come to KL. Haha, What a awesome day with her but she going to Penang soon. Anyway, going to meet her after one month. Penang, wait for me!
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