Awards Ceremony @ Cut Out Magazine

Kinda moody right now so I decided to update my blog which is about the Student Alley Creative Showcase Awards Ceremony by Cut Out Magazine. This is the reason why I'm back to KL last few days.
Publika! What a artistic shopping I have been in KL. And it's consider a new shopping mall. You may find alot of interesting art piece or shop there. Of course, alot of restaurant there too.

So cute right?! Love the illustration~
Here we go! White box @ Publika Gallery Mall.This is my first time attend an award ceremony. Let's see how could it be.
Goodie from Cut Out Magazine. One of the cut out magazine and free vouchers. Hmm, cut out magazine layouts is getting nicer and nicer. 

Dessert from Delicious. So sad, three of us just had our brunch at Fat's boy so we not really take much for this.

Opps, spotted my friend art work which is the second one from left. Proud of him. Cheer! And congratulation to him for wining an award of best execution among the all.

Some artwork from the 30 finalist designer. So actually they giving out other price such as Outstanding art piece, Technical skill, Exploration of the topic and so on. For more information, Check out from this web studentalleycreativeshowcase_2012

Once again, congratulation my dear! Check out he blog post here. And thanks to Cut Out Magazine keep putting effort for Malaysia design firm.

Great moment!


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