The December girl

Happy Birthday to our beloved December girl Vivian Choo. Wish you all the best in the year to come. May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colours. And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams wishes to come. Cheer! And happy new years everyone. Lolz

So this the own DIY birthday card and with the wish from secondary school classmate. Actually, we plan to have a gathering party after I came back from KL. And I most of us decided to give her surprise during the gathering party.  
Our special guest. One of the Vivian best friends although she is not same class with us. 
So here the present and the birthday girl.
Present for her. Stupped cap and handmade bracelet. For more information about the stupped cap. Check here

Here we go for group photo @ Lai mei zi. First time been here. To me, the environment is comfortable. Because it's quite hard to find a steamboat restaurant with air cool and it's not in the shopping mall. However, those food are serve by one plate by one plate mean while you have to order from the counter. HmmmHello,my baby girl Vivian Choo. We knew each other have been 7 years since from secondary school. Omg, sound like aunty! Anyway, thanks for coming in my life and appreciate. Love and BFF!  
La Mei Zi @ Kystal PointContact: 04-6415954Business hour: 11am-11pm


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