Hello daisy @ fa guo san

Hello Daisy Flower!
To eat or not to eat ?!

What a greatfull dinner with Vivian in a wrong timing. Arh, fattttt! We went to the All Season Place which is the brand new building located in Farlim. And we decided to eat some dessert as our dinner, so we went to Fa Guo San. It's a restaurant selling Taiwan dessert but it's cheaper then Taiwan. Lolz.

Blueberry favourite! Those chocolate is not oily and actually is made by the Oreo. Im in love with this!

Look like real soil right?!
Another one! Waffle serve with the strawberry ice-cream and honey. 

Okay, both of us need to go for exercise after this! Besides this, im wondering is that whole Farlim people go there everyday?! It's full of people every time I been there. So quite hard to find parking there. But there is a good place for foods and chit-chat. So don't miss this out! peace out*

Check out their facebook if you're interested @ Fa Guo San

Enjoy ! 
Good night : )


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