Our frist brunch @ Fat Boy's

Hello people!Hello KL again! This is the first time I came here thanks to Wayne and he sis. Fat boy's is a restaurant which selling burger. Lolz, Im's talking nonsense. Well, it's a restaurant which you can make your own burger with different choice of ingredient.
Orange juice. How good to have you in the early 'morning'.

Finally! Fat boy's burger is here. Me and Sunny order Jamaican Me Hungry (Pork), Holy Caesar (Chicken). Well, their out look look similar but taste is diff. Jamaican Me Hungry serve with salad and Holy Caesar serve with bacon and cheese. Im in love with the Jamaican Me Hungry (Pork), it's delicious! So guys Don't miss it out ~

Bushtucker (Beef) RM19.50 for Wayne. Beef with the vegetable and onions... Hmmm, Sesame is melting in my mouth with the oat break. Bushtucker (Beef) is a bit sour due to pink colour xxx. I have no idea what is that. But this is recommend.

Group photo! Three of us can't finish the whole set of it. I have to say it super fullllllll. No idea how come Wayne and me face this problem every time. However, quite alot of office worker there.

Had a great time with them. This is the first time we hang out together in KL. Cheer! Now moving to Publika @ White Box for Cut Out Magazine Event. Jommmm Check out Wayne blog post as well:  wayneymh9999.blogspot.com
Fat Boy'sLot No 30, Level G2
                                                                                                                  What a busy day! 


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