China House @ Penang Island

Been long time didn't hang out with my Vv. Seen she's buzy for her dad's business and im in KL. Haha, so we decided to have our breakfast in China House before off to 1st avenue. I knew this restaurant quite a long time and Thanks VV bring me here. 

Remember this? Often used this to colour when i was small. Our table look quite messy at the end because two of us keep draw all nonsense thing on the paper. Haha

Here's our breakfast. Pretty decent!!! Actually, we plan to have our lunch there but they haven serve lunch yet so breakfast is the only choice. Plan to coming again next time.

China house is traditional compound of 3 heritage buildings, linked by an open air courtyard. It's a combination of  food + drink, art + theatre. Quite a good place for those art lover. And here's some of the pictures of their art gallery and interior design.

I really enjoy the foods and environment. It's awesome. And please check out their Homemade Cakes and Pies . So sad that I miss out because two of us was so FULL. By the way, China house served  in Breakfast 9am-6pm,  Lunch 12pm-6pm,  Dinner 6pm-11pm.  I have never come across any nice places there. Dont miss it out, my friends.

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China House
153 - 155 Lebuh Pantai
10350 Penang

+ 6 04 263 7299


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