Hot Pot @ Genting Highland

Genting Highland again. We have been there quite a few time. But this time me and brother decided not to play. Feel boring with the theme park. So mom suggest to have our dinner at Hot Pot which located in First World Hotel.

   It's around RM40 for each person. Steamboat & BBQ Combo with the drink. Quite a lot of people there, so it's take us around 10min for waiting.

Having steamboat in a cool weather is definitely the best feeling. Of course, you can choose yours own steamboat soup either normal or tomyam. Their tomyam is not really spicy as what i expected. I have no idea how many time i ate steamboat after i transfer to KL. Most of my friend like to invite me for steamboat. Haha, am i look like those person who can eat a lot of thing?

Normal soup base for bro and dad. Look at he face! Haha, he was fretful that i keep ask him to pose. 
 Me and my brother. I was moody that night so didn't ate much. But i especially like their cake and dessert. Pretty decent! And their green bean soup is an excellent match after steamboat. So this the Holiday short trip with family before school start. I gonna to have steamboat again with my family later. Ps i need to keep fit.


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