Lancome In Love

Being Make-up model recently and this is the 2nd time i been there. Candy make-up of the day.How does it look like? Look like rainbow,right? Hmmm,rainbow colour was so hit recently.
Besides this, I feel my skin was so dry after heavy make-up.Hopefully,i bought myself a new skin-care and i think it's really useful.
Lancome - quite a famous brand. And this the 1st time i used my own money which i earn as a freelance designer.

Actually, I was suffering for my face skin peeled for whole month. Look at my cheek peeled off!
It's take me about one week to recover after i used the Lancome skin care.Cheer! In love with Lancome right now.

This's what i using right now. It's cost me around RM350 for the toner and hydrazen. Being woman is not that easy. I like the rose smell so much.Yeah,i think i'll buy myself another set again. Money money money come! 

Hope you enjoy my post and seen you guys soon.


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